How much space do I need to install the cubby house?
At least a 4m x 4m space.

Do I need to prepare an area for installation?
Yes. The area must be level and have a firm base.

Who installs the cubby?
The developer who built the cubby house will do the installation.

How will you get the cubby into my backyard?
It depends on access. Last year we used cranes.

How do I pay for the cubby?
You will need to make an electronic funds transfer into our bank account within 24 hours of signing the purchase agreement at the end of the auction. We will provide you with the account details.

Are the items with the cubby included?
Yes, everything is included.

When will the cubby be delivered?
Within 7 working days of the Auction day.

Will the cubby be repaired to original condition at the end of Floriade?
Yes, once it has been delivered and installed.

Can I get the plans for the cubby houses?
They are copyright plans and will be supplied on request to the successful bidder only.

Do I have to attend the auction to buy it?
No, you can provide written and signed authorisation for someone to bid on your behalf.

How much will the cubbies be?
Last year the sale price for the cubbies ranged from $5000 to $16,000.

Can I make an offer before the auction?

What are the auction conditions?
Payment by electronic funds transfer is required in full by close of business, Monday October 12th into our bank account with your name as the reference.

The agreed purchase price is the price at the fall of the hammer.

The builder of the cubby house will ensure that the cubby house is cleaned and delivered to you in original condition. They will be in contact with you directly regarding delivery within the local area. Delivery must be within 7 working days of the Auction day.

The answers to these questions are yet to be confirmed. You can contact for more information.

How big is the cubby?
How high is the ceiling?
Does it have a maximum weight rating?
What materials is the cubby built from?
What color is the cubby painted?