Since 1964, Koundouris have built a reputation for the construction of architecturally designed residences, luxury apartments, homes, clubs, offices and retail centres. They have significant experience in all forms of commercial and residential property construction.

Operating in over 40 countries, Lend Lease aim to create positive legacies by developing and constructing state of the art buildings and infrastructure. They also create vibrant residential communities, productive workplaces and retail destinations.

For over 40 years, Cox Architecture has maintained a passion for buildings that ‘complete’ environments. They closely study what already exists in context, and exploring ways to enrich and invigorate the space, leading to diverse architectural solutions.

One of the ACT region’s most successful and progressive development companies, CIC Australia are committed to sustainability and innovative urban design. Their signature line “Communities in the making” captures the way they think of each new project.

A father and son team with over 30 years of experience, Anita Constructions offer hands-on builder and developer services. Buyers can be confident the people they deal with are the ones who will be there on-site to ensure their new home is completed to a high standard.

GEOCON is an integrated property development, construction and hotel management company focused on residential apartments and hotel development. They have also developed a range of projects including office, retail, childcare and housing works.

Construction Control is 100% locally based and operated, and is considered a leader in the provision of construction and project management services in the ACT region. Their extensive history of success is a testament to their dedication to quality, attention to detail and client focus.

Kasparek Architects provide high quality architectural services including construction, interior design, building certification, commercial and community facilities, refurbishment work, master planning and all types of residential work.